Sunday, September 15, 2013


Hello Divas and Divos! (lol)


Since the IndieGoGo campaign for Drama Mamas! The Film, ended so many people are still interested in making a financial contribution. In response to this out pouring of support we have placed a donation link on our blog page (see below).

So, if you missed our crowd funding campaign, you still have an opportunity to support this important film.  Just click the 'DONATION' button and give til your heart's content.  :)  Oh! and don't forget to 'follow' our blog to stay apprised of the status of the grant applications and investor packets that are currently pending. (wish us luck!!!)

Also, catch us (Passion Hansome & Kaci M. Fannin) tonight @ 9pm CST on the blog radio show "Let's Be Frank". Frank Anderson will interview us about the making of our documentary Drama Mamas! The Film.  Follow the link below and call in @ (347) 857-2002 with your comments and questions!



Team Drama Mamas!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Drama Mamas The Movie Trailer

Filling out the Dogfish Accelerator application

So . . . veteran stage director and first time filmmaker Passion Hansome became interested in the legacy of black female theatre directors in this country and the influence each of these women have had on the landscape of American theatre.   She decided to make sure that the innovation, talent and brilliance of these women would be preserved  by documenting their stories in the doc feature "Drama Mamas! the Film.  I came on board in 2005 as Associate Producer and for a while things were moving along briskly.  A rough cut was assembled and it looked like it would finally be in the can after a few setbacks.  Unfortunately, funds began to run low, the Executive producer ran low on patience and the project was soon on the back burner.

I never forgot this project and was always looking for a way to get it done . . . it so deserves to be seen.  Crowd funding was not as prevalent when we first started this doc but is totally a viable fundraising option today.  So,  it hit me a couple of weeks ago that we should revisit post-production budget, cut the fat and launch a crowd funding campaign to raise the necessary funds to finish the project.

I called Passion, told her what I was thinking and she was completely down.  So she and I (bee tee dubs, I'm Kaci M. Fannin, actor/director/producer) decided to revamp the post production budget and raise the necessary funds to get this thing in the can and into distribution.

While doing research for additional funding sources, I ran across something called  Dogfish Accelerator.  ( )  which is the first accelerator program for film producers.  The original deadline had past but it was extended to June 7th!!!  That doesn't give us a lot of time but it can be done.

Passion and I began filling out the application today and it's a LOT more involved than I first thought.  :/  Passion has taken on the responsibility of actually filling it out but we were on conference call working out our responses together. (God bless her)  Will let you know how it goes . . .

We thought it might be fun (and maybe informative) to blog about our experiences as we embark upon the task of raising these funds on our own.  So Passion and I both will, from time to time, share our thoughts, frustrations and triumphs here in this blog.  Feel free to comment, SUPPORT, share, advise, cheer us on or follow our blog if you wish.

Here we go!

**Watch for our Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaign coming soon!**

Kaci M.Fannin
Associate Producer